Fees Guide

63 Goldstone Crescent
Brighton & Hove

While our overall objective is to make mediation accessible as an effective form of dispute resolution, we believe that we offer a skilled service of value to our clients.  Our arrangements with CEDR mean that we contract directly with clients, although we are bookable through CEDR if preferred. We think it right to publish fees guidelines, which are sometimes negotiable to allow for any special factors much might justify an increase or a reduction.







We believe that mediation should be accessible and affordable.

We always agree fees in advance, proposing these on the basis of the type of service - mediation, neutral chairing, facilitation - and taking into account such factors as the complexity, numbers of parties, the value of the claim and any counter-claim, including (where significant) the legal costs at stake, and the length of time required for preparation and the resolution meetings.  We consider special rates for charities, small cases, non-commercial bodies such as the NHS, and local businesses in Sussex.

All enquiries are welcome on a confidential, no charge, no obligation basis. Please call to discuss any special factors relating to fees, and for quotations.  

We operate within the fee structure of schemes of which we are panel members, in particular the NHS Resolution, Court of Appeal and High Court Appeal mediation schemes for which CEDR supplies a panel of experienced mediators.



Once agreed, the global fee for any mediation or other service is payable in advance of the mediation day.  Fees are shared equally between the parties unless otherwise agreed, and cover the following :

  •  supply of a draft mediation agreement and a final copy for signature     
  • up to 5 hours for reading  and pre-mediation contact by telephone
  •  travel time to and from any mediation venue
  • up to 8 hours at the mediation
  • telephone follow-up with each party if the mediation does not lead to full settlement.

Extra hours (to be agreed with you before they are incurred) cover:

  •  exceptional extra reading and preparation

  •  additional hours agreed at the mediation

  • additional follow-up mediation meetings

  • exceptional travel time e.g. outside UK.


    Please note that fees do not include any venue costs. 


    Payment of any supplemental invoice covering additional items, such as expenses and agreed extra work, is due within 30 days of invoice.

    We reserve the right to charge interest at 2% above Barclays Bank Plc base rate on any invoiced amount outstanding more than 30 days from invoice.



    If the mediator’s invoice is not paid before commencement of the mediation, the mediator reserves the right to cancel the mediation. If a mediation is cancelled (not merely postponed) a proportion of the full fees will remain payable (shared equally, unless otherwise agreed between the parties) as follows:

  • Cancellation 14 to 8 days before the date booked: 50% of full fee

  • Cancellation 7 days or less before the date booked:  100% of full fee.