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Comments in legal directories

…“routinely handles emotionally fraught and technically complex cases and does so with the panache of one of the market’s most experienced players. Though his forte is personal injury and clinical negligence disputes (areas in which he has few equals) his practice is broader and his experience with the process has brought results over numerous practice areas.   Legal 500 2007 

….is “one of the big names in personal injury and clinical negligence circles”, with a combination of “lightness of touch” and “commercial robustness”  Chambers UK 2008 

…..”remains an extremely highly regarded mediator with expertise in personal injury, clinical negligence and public law disputes. He also handles a number of commercial disputes, especially where there is an insurance element. Interviewees say he is "a wonderful mediator, loved by clients and very personable and congenial." Chambers UK 2010

 …..”is a mediator of rare qualities. He has a ‘warm, avuncular style’ and radiates ‘commitment’ and ‘calm’. While handling various types of dispute, his experience in practice makes him one of the go-to mediators for complex personal injury and clinical negligence disputes. “  Legal 500 2010 

…”Instructing solicitors are full of praise for his “smoothing manner in multiparty cases”, noting that he “effectively works his way through seemingly irresolvable disputes”     Chambers 2012 

"  acts on an array of personal injury and clinical negligence matters. Praised by instructing solicitors, he is noted for his amenable client-facing manner and his great communication skills. Chambers 2013 

Feedback from instructing lawyers and their clients taken by CEDR

  •         “Excellent, absolutely excellent.  He had just the right approach and did a splendid job”

    • “Tony did it again!  Mediation at its best”

    • “Tony was brilliant.  We were very impressed with the way he analysed issues and reconciled people’s concerns”

    • “Tony could talk on the level with QCs and equally with clients.  His attention to detail was amazing”

    •  “Good rapport with all sides and especially the client… grasped the issues very quickly”

    • “Tony worked very hard.  He took a robust and challenging approach which was right and proper in this case”

    • “It was quite clear that he had come to terms with the issues and assimilated a large amount of information in a short space of time.  He dealt with the mediation in a logical and well thought-out way”

    • “It was a classic case where a sensible mediator, thoroughly prepared and with exactly the right touch, made (perhaps) all or (certainly) much of the difference between achieving and not achieving a sensible compromise”

    • “He always has a very good grasp of all the technical issues and is able to deal with the broader picture.  He is very personable and his style is always just right.  His knowledge both from a legal point of view and of the mediation process is first rate”

    • ….this case [which] involved virtually everything that makes litigation difficult to settle - high emotional levels, a challenging/forceful counsel (in at least one case), insurance parties operating behind the scenes, and settlement efforts being initiated only in the late stages of litigation after each side had invested heavily in the dispute.  Not only was Tony at home and at ease in navigating this minefield, he was superbly capable of putting the parties themselves at ease and helping them overcome these barriers.” 

    • He was fantastic. He was laid back but also got straight to the point when appropriate. He encouraged the parties to discuss things and he was good at coming up with alternatives and options to reach agreement. The parties did agree by the end.

    • Claimant lawyer :Tony was very good at engaging [my] client: he made her feel the mediation was about her and that her views were listened to and taken seriously – she “had her say”

    • Defendant lawyer in the same case: Tony Allen was excellent and handled the issues very well.  It was a case that had to be settled but [I] wasn’t optimistic going into the mediation as the parties were so far apart in both quantum and the issues involved.  He would most certainly have gone to court had the mediation not reached settlement.  Tony handled the defendant, a surgeon, extremely well with the right level of sensitivity to the fact that he was reluctant to pay anything, given he felt he’d done nothing wrong.

  • He “understood issues – well prepared, good deft touch – dealt with everyone appropriately.The claimants were there which made things very emotional at times.  Tony was very good at managing this.  Realistic; facilitative; clearly thinking about the issue as he was bringing up points that even their QC hadn’t thought of.”

  • A claimant party:  Tony gets 12 out of 10 in my book.  At the end honour was satisfied.  I I thought he was very friendly and open.  Tenacious!  The most energetic and enthusiastic mediator I have ever come across from the beginning to the very end!  I would use him again and recommend him as well.  I honestly couldn’t hold him in higher esteem.

  • Defendant lawyer in the same case:  “absolutely excellent!  He was definitely the best mediator I’ve come across.  He took a very pro-active role He really earned his money.  A lot of mediators just seem to sit there.  He was very pro-active - not proactive though in trying to influence anyone”

  • We have used him two or three times before and would recommend him to anyone.  I actually didn’t think this mediation would settle but it did!  I guess it was thanks to him.

  • Client in employment facilitation: Tony took time to be fully briefed but did not allow that briefing to “paralyse” his efforts at mediation, i.e. he did not assume that what he knew rules out various possibilities.  He managed to get two very intransigent people, whose relationship appeared almost irreparably to have broken down, both to respond positively to mediation and each other and to come up with a way forward that I was very agreeably surprised to find.  He was clearly extremely skilled at bringing out the best of both these individuals .  mentoring and coaching by an earlier consultant who I rated highly simply failed to get anything like the response that Tony secured.

    Party in the same case: Tony really gripped the issues and the peripheral difficulties that had prevented an in-house solution to the problems.  He thoroughly demonstrated as invaluable insight into what makes individuals tick, and his use of shuttle diplomacy between the injured parties was a master stroke.  Thank you for bringing sunshine back to the workplace. 

    Claimant’s solicitor in clinical negligence case:   Very experienced mediator who was well prepared [and] very good with the family as this was a fatal case – [he] made [the] family feel like [the] main focus.

    Defendant’s solicitor in the same case   He got on with the claimant’s family.  Without him it wouldn’t have settled.  He was able to engage with the claimant’s side which was important.

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